Business overview / Safety

Fight safety

Flight safety is the absolute operating priority for Aeroflot and its subsidiary airlines.

A high level of safety is ensured by the use of new, regularly maintained and up-to-date aircraft and by highly professional flight and service personnel. The flight safety indicator in 2012 was 99.965%, which is in the range defined as the highest level of safety (99.9 ÷ 100%).

Aeroflot is an active participant of SkyTeam’s Safety, Security and Quality Functional Executives Committee. Company officials took part in Committee events in 2012, which gave consideration to flight safety management and monitoring of IOSA operator status among member airlines, their subsidiaries and code-sharing partners. The Committee also defined tasks for SkyTeam airlines in order to comply with a more detailed version of the IOSA standard, which was developed by IATA.

Aviation security

The Company organizes and implements an integrated programme of measures to ensure aviation security, preventing any risk to the life and health of passengers and of Aeroflot employees when they are on duty, and pursuing activities to prevent illegal interferences in Company business and any attempts to cause economic damage to the Company. Aeroflot constantly monitors compliance with aviation security standards, rules and procedures by passengers and Company employees. Safety management activities are pursued in close cooperation with aviation security staff at airports, aviation companies, law-enforcement agencies and Russian federal executive bodies.

Compliance by Aeroflot with standards of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) is confirmed by the results of an IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) and IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO), which the Company has undergone.

During 2012 the Company underwent regular audits, which confirmed compliance with aviation security standards:

As an additional aviation security measure at airports, the Company operates its own sniffer-dog division numbering more than 50 adult dogs of a unique breed (a hound-jackal hybrid), managed by expert dog handlers. In 2012 the Company developed and patented a mobile sniffer-dog unit, and developed test explosive simulators to train sniffer-dogs for anti-terrorist protection at transport hubs. The Aeroflot sniffer-dog division has also developed and patented a device for sampling an odour trace, which allows identification of samples after a period of several years. The Company is currently developing a method for remote analysis of ambient air using sniffer-dogs. The Aeroflot sniffer-dog division serves the Company’s own corporate sites as well as its base airport of Sheremetyevo.

Aeroflot Situation Center

The Aeroflot Situation Center, which was opened in 2011 to ensure the comfort and safety of passengers in case of disruption and crisis, continued to operate successfully in 2012. The Situation Center uses state-of-the art information technology, modern equipment and specially designed software, and can handle crisis events of any complexity.