Financial report / Explanations and comments on the Balance Sheet / 12. Cash and cash equivalents
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Cash and cash equivalents

2012 2011
Bank accounts denominated in Russian roubles 257.7 105.0
Bank accounts denominated in US dollars 162.1 32.5
Bank accounts denominated in other currencies 36.8 22.6
Bank accounts denominated in Euros 26.7 10.7
Bank deposits denominated in Russian roubles 9.5 205.2
Cash in transit 2.9 2.1
Bank deposits denominated in US dollars 0.5 15.0
496.2 393.1

The Group’s exposure to interest rate risk and a sensitivity analysis for financial assets and liabilities are disclosed in Note 37. Most of the funds are held at state owned Russian banks such as Sberbank of the Russian Federation, Vneshtogbank and Vnesheconombank and well known multinational banks such as the Royal Bank of Scotland, JP Morgan, Natixis Bank. All funds are accessible by the Group.

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