Financial report / Explanations and comments on the Balance Sheet / 16. Assets classified as held for sale
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Assets classified as held for sale

CJSC Aerofirst
Property, plant and equipment 16.9
Inventory 30.7
Accounts receivable and prepayments 8.7
Cash and cash equivalents 3.7
Other non-current assets 0.1
Total assets classified as held for sale 60.1
Accounts payable and accrued liabilities (22.4)
Wages payable (1.1)
Deferred tax liabilities (2.0)
Total liabilities associated with assets classified as held for sale (25.5)
Net assets of disposal group 34.6

In 2012 the Group’s management decided to sell 66.66% of its subsidiary CJSC Aerofirst. Its assets and liabilities have been classified as held for sale. At the end of the year the fair value less costs to sell exceeded the carrying amount of net assets (Note 42).

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