Financial report / Explanations and comments on the Balance Sheet / 41. Contingencies
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Political environment — The Government of the Russian Federation continues to reform the business and commercial infrastructure in its transition to a market economy. As a result laws and regulations affecting businesses continue to change rapidly. These changes are characterised by poor drafting, different interpretations and arbitrary application by the authorities.

Business environment — The Group’s operations are primarily located in the Russian Federation. Consequently, the Group is exposed to the economic and financial markets of the Russian Federation which display characteristics of an emerging market. The legal, tax and regulatory frameworks continue development, but are subject to varying interpretations and frequent changes which together with other legal and fiscal impediments contribute to the challenges faced by entities operating in the Russian Federation. The consolidated financial statements reflect management’s assessment of the impact of the Russian business environment on the operations and the financial position of the Group. The future business environment may differ from management’s assessment.

Taxation — The taxation system in the Russian Federation continues to evolve and is characterised by frequent changes in legislation, official pronouncements and court decisions, which are sometimes contradictory and subject to varying interpretation by different tax authorities. Taxes are subject to review and investigation by a number of authorities, which have the authority to impose severe fines, penalties and interest charges. A tax year remains open for review by the tax authorities during the three subsequent calendar years; however, under certain circumstances a tax year may remain open longer. Recent events within the Russian Federation suggest that the tax authorities are taking a more assertive and substance-based position in their interpretation and enforcement of tax legislation.

These circumstances may create tax risks in the Russian Federation that are substantially more significant than in other countries. Management believes that it has provided adequately for tax liabilities based on its interpretations of applicable Russian tax legislation, official pronouncements and court decisions. However, the interpretations of the relevant authorities could differ and the effect on these consolidated financial statements, if the authorities were successful in enforcing their interpretations, could be significant.

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