Financial report / Explanations and comments on the Balance Sheet
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Subsequent events

In the period from January to April 2013 the Group received three Boeing 777 and two Airbus A-320 under the terms of operating lease agreement.

In January 2013 the Group completed the sale of CJSC “Aeroferst” subsidiary.

In April 2013, the Group repaid the bond loan issued in 2010.

In April 2013 Company placed 5 million market bonds at MICEX Stock-exchange. Nominal value amounted 1,000 RUB each.

These securities of series BO-03 with maturity of 1,092 days from the date of placement are interest-bearing non-convertible exchange-traded bearer bonds with mandatory centralized custody. Income from these securities is payable within 6 coupon periods at a rate of 8.3% per annum.

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