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Cargo carrying by Russian airlines in 2012 totaled 987,900 tonnes, which is

0.7 %

more than in 2011

Cargo turnover in 2012 rose by 2.5% to

2.5 %

5076.2 million tonne-kilometers (TKM).

Volume of the air cargo market in 2012 was 46.5 million tonnes, which is 1.5% less than in 2011. The decline reflected economic problems in Europe.

Slower growth of Russian air cargo business, particularly on international routes (-1%), reflects negative trends in the world economy in 2012, including the reduction of goods flows on the Asia — Europe market. The situation was better on the domestic market, which showed a volume increase by 6% in 2012. Russian airlines carried 673,100 tonnes of cargo on international routes in 2012 and 314,600 tonnes on domestic routes. The share of domestic business in overall carrying was 31%.

Aeroflot Group accounted for 16% of the total Russian air cargo market by volume in 2012, taking second place after AirBridgeCargo, which accounted for 37%. The total market share of the five largest Russian cargo carriers was 70%.

One of the most important events for the Russian air cargo industry in 2012 was the implementation of a pilot project for introduction of the e-Freight standard. Aeroflot Group carried out test flights as part of the project, which is scheduled for completion in 2013–2014. The e-Freight standard will enable electronic document processing for air cargo operations, which will reduce the time needed for customs formalities and assist the development of the Russian cargo segment.



The Russian Air Cargo Market

The Russian Air Cargo Market

Structure of the Russian Air Cargo Market

Structure of the Russian Air Cargo Market